Hello everyone !

I will use this very first post to present myself. My name is Marina and I am a PhD student doing research on Cruise Tourism mainly in the Caribbean, but also in Scandinavia.

Originally I’m from Copenhagen, Denmark, but now I’m living in Martinique. If any experienced Caribbean cruisers are reading this, you will surely know where Martinique is situated – for everyone else : it is a tiny French island in the Caribbean Sea. It is actually a part of France where the currency is Euro and everyone speak French !

For everyone else, here’s a map of the Caribbean, so that you have an idea of where in the world this French paradise is situated. It’s actually exactly in the middle of the Lesser Antilles, which constitute the smaller Caribbean islands.




Tourism in general interests me. I like to find patterns in behavior and observe how we all work when we are discovering and exploring new places. Other than exploring new places, tourism is also about learning about new cultures and knowing how to act when arriving far from home and meeting with other cultures.

This curiosity is why I decided to start my PhD in Cruise Tourism at the University of the French West Indies (Université des Antilles) in Martinique. Martinique is the ideal place to do my research seen as the Caribbean Sea is the first cruise destination of the world. My research is focused on the cruise passengers and their activity in the stopovers. Et voilà : I decided to create a blog to share my research and discoveries with you and also to get in touch with cruisers and to-be cruisers to get inside knowledge and as much advice that I can get.

Hope you will be tagging along and sharing with your friends !




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